Magnetacks hang pictures with magnets
Magnetacks magnetic push pins
Magnetack Poster & Photo Hanger
Magnetacks magnetic push pins
Magnetacks hang posters with magnets
Magnetacks hang posters with magnets
Magnetacks hang pictures with magnets
Magnetacks hang posters with magnets
Magnets to Hang Posters and Photos
magnetic poster and photo hanger

Magnetack Poster & Photo Hanger

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Magnetacks are the original magnetic pushpin wall hanger that easily hangs your posters and photos safely without a frame. Magnetacks magnetic tack poster magnets are the best way to hang your artwork, posters, or photos with magnets. No more frames or damage. The other competitive products out there are not as strong as our Magnetacks.


So simple to use! Magnetacks are designed for walls and surfaces such as drywall/sheetrock and bulletin boards. 

  • Tack it - push the magnetic base tack into the wall or bulletin board.
  • Magnet - hang your item up using the provided top magnet.

Magnetacks are the strongest magnetic poster and photo hanging solution if you want to hang posters and photos without frames and without damage.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Movable and reusable over and over again.
  • Magnetacks are magnetic push pins that use two strong magnets to hang your items.
  • Perfect way to hang photos without frames for gallery installations or shows.
  • Uses two strong poster magnets to hang posters and photos without damage.
  • Magnetacks come in two sizes: XL for Walls and Classic for Bulletin Boards. 
  • Safely hang 24" x 36" posters without frames with just four Magnetacks. Use more Magnetacks to hang larger posters.
  • Hang 8" x 10" photos and larger without frames on high quality photo paper with just two Magnetacks.
  • Will not damage your artwork, posters, or photos like regular pushpins or tape.
  • Easily hang posters and photos without frames on drywall, bulletin boards, and other surfaces. 
  • Both the XL and the Classic Magnetack poster magnet holds approximately one pound. See our MagneFAQ Page for more information.
  • Minimalist and sleek design.
  • When you buy a pack of Magnetacks, you'll receive the magnetic pushpin tacks and equal number of coupling poster magnets.
  • Perfect for photo installations and galleries where low cost solutions are desired.
  • Used in hundreds of photography galleries and gallery shows around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: Magnetacks do not work in impenetrable surface walls like brick, concrete, and most plaster walls. Do not use a hammer to push a Magnetack into the wall. 

We also happily ship to many countries around the world. See our international shipping policies in our MagneFAQ.