What are Magnetacks Poster Hangers? 

Magnetacks are magnetic push pin poster hangers. Magnetacks use very strong neodymium magnets to safely hang posters, photos, prints, artwork, memorabilia, and more, without damaging them - no holes, tape, or gooey adhesives.  Oh yeah, and NO Tools Required!


What surfaces do Magnetacks work and not work? 

The best surfaces for Magnetacks are any surface you can push a standard thumbtack in. Drywall, Sheetrock, bulletin boards, etc. are perfect for Magnetacks. 

Surfaces such as brick, concrete, and plaster will not work and will damage the Magnetack and potentially the wall itself!  


Magnetacks Poster Hangers are comprised of two components: the Base Tack and the Coupling Magnet

The XL Base Tack is longer, for walls (~5/8"), and the Classic Base Tack is shorter, for bulletin boards (~3/8"). Each Coupling Magnet is a 1/4" x 1/4" silver cylinder. See images below for reference.

magnetacks magnetic pushpin magnetic thumbtacks

 magnetacks magnetic push pins

Photo courtesy of artist Lisa Catherwood


How to use a Magnetack:

First: Tack the base magnet into the wall,
Second: Place your item over the base magnet,
Third: Magnet the coupling magnet over your item!

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How do Magnetacks work?

In general, Magnetacks sandwich your item between two magnets to hold it in place, making them the best way to hang posters and photos without causing any damage to your poster or photo.  Whether you're trying to hang large posters, unframed photos or even a cowhide, use Magnetacks!  To see Magnetacks in Action, click here! To see Magnetacks in Action elsewhere, click here to view Magnetacks on Lee Varis' website for a show he used Magnetacks to hang.

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What are the different kinds of Magnetacks?

  Magnetacks Poster Hangers come in two sizes: XL and Classic  

  • XL Magnetacks are made for walls so they have long base tacks.  At 5/8" long, they are the best way to hang posters and photos on walls.
  • Classic Magnetacks are made for bulletin boards so they have shorter base tacks.  At 3/8" long, these Magnetacks are perfect for hanging items such as photos on bulletin boards or other shallow surface areas.
  • Combo Magnetacks have both sizes in each pack!
  • Coupling Magnets are provided for each Magnetack.  Each Coupling Magnet is a 1/4" x 1/4" cylindrical strong Neodymium magnet.  The standard color is a silver (natural) color. 
  • MagneCaps are vinyl caps that fit snugly over your Magnetack Coupling Magnet.  MagneCaps are offered in black or white so you can choose which color suits your needs the best!
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 How much "weight" can Magnetacks hold?

The "weight" a Magnetack can hold is highly dependent on the thickness of the item to be held.  Magnets lose their strength the further away they are from their mate.  It is hard to put numbers on this so we've broken it down into examples seen below.  This list describes different applications of Magnetacks we've seen:


  • Magnetacks can hang unframed photos of various sizes.  From A10 all the way up to A0 size.  
  • Magnetacks can hang multiple paper-thin items: a single Magnetack can hold up to 20 sheets of copy paper or newspaper pages, or several sheets of photo paper.
  • Magnetacks can hang laminated items: a single Magnetack can hold up to 10 laminated sheets of paper (depending on laminate thickness). 
  • Magnetacks can hang standard unframed posters.  For example, a poster of dimensions 24" x 36" can be supported by one Magnetack in each of the top two corners.  However, we recommend one Magnetack in all four corners to prevent the poster from swaying as people walk by or by A/C.  
  • Magnetacks can hang slightly thicker (poster board) or larger size posters (72" x 48"), it may take several Magnetacks placed along the top to hang those up.  
  • Framed items - unfortunately Magnetacks are not strong enough to hang approximately 99.9% of all framed work.  No, we haven't actually done the math but if you were able to use Magnetacks to hang something framed, please let us know!
  • For other items, such as flags or cowhides or maps, please see below.
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Which Magnetack is stronger?

The XL and Classic Magnetacks use the same magnets so they pretty much hold the same weight.  The XL Magnetacks will provide a more secure hold in the wall due to its longer base tack.
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Should I get the XL or the Classic Magnetacks?
We always recommend the XL unless using a bulletin board or other surface too shallow for the longer XL Magnetack.
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Can Magnetacks hang a cowhide or a flag or a reindeer skin or a map or a........?

We're so excited to hear all the different ways people are trying to use Magnetacks.  Unfortunately we usually don't have a clear answer.  As stated before, the strength of the magnets are dependent on how close they are to their mate.  If the item is thick, the magnets might not attract each other with enough force to hold up.  If the item is heavy, it might be too heavy for these magnets to provide enough "squeeze" to do their job.  We always recommend you try them out and return them if they don't work.  See our Return Policy below.  That said, here are some user experiences:


Successful Magnetack Applications

  • Unframed Photos!
  • Unframed Posters!
  • Menus
  • Newspapers
  • Flag: thin "silk-like" soccer team flag measuring 3' x 5'
  • Flag: cotton flag measuring 3' x 5' had to use 10 Magnetacks along the top and 2 on bottom to prevent swaying
  • T-shirt: men's cotton t-shirt hung up with one XL Magnetack
  • Basketball jersey: game-used basketball jersey hung up with 4 Magnetacks


Unsuccessful Magnetack Applications

  • Cowhide: 72" x 72" weighing 9.5 pounds
  • Rug measuring 3' x 5'

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What size hole does a Magnetack leave in my wall?

The Base Tack nail is approximately 0.050" in diameter.  That is the same size as a standard thumb-tack.  The tip of a sharp pencil is also approximately 0.050" in diameter.

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How far off the wall will my print be? How thick is the base tack?

The Base Tack is approximately 3/16" thick so your print will "stand off" the wall approximately 3/16 inches. That is less than the thickness of a pencil.

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What is the best way to separate two (or more) coupling magnets?

We recommend that you separate the Magnetack coupling magnets by sliding them apart rather than by pulling them apart.  See our MagneTalk Post here for a diagram!

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What happens if Magnetacks don't work for my application?

We accept all returns on items returned in full resalable condition.  All base tacks and all coupling magnets will be counted to ensure a full return order and the purchase price of the order will be refunded in full within 5-10 business days.  Return shipping will not be refunded.

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What is your International shipping policy?

We happily ship to Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, and France. Any applicable import taxes are the responsibility of the customer.  

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 Still have questions?  Have a great use for Magnetacks?  We'd like to hear about it!  We'll add your Magnetack story so potential customers can see examples of Magnetacks in Action.  Contact us at!