What are Magnetacks? 

Magnetacks are a magnetic push pin poster and photo hanging system. Magnetacks use two strong grade N42 neodymium magnets to safely hang your items without damaging them. So simple to use: push the magnet base into the wall, then use the second magnet to hang your item. No holes, tape, gooey adhesives, or tools.

  • XL Magnetacks are made for walls so they have long base tacks.  At 5/8" long, they are the best way to hang posters and photos on walls. 
  • Classic Magnetacks are made for bulletin boards so they have shorter base tacks.  At 3/8" long, these Magnetacks are perfect for hanging items such as photos on bulletin boards or other shallow surface areas.


On what surfaces do Magnetacks work best?

The best surfaces for Magnetacks are any surface you can push in a standard thumbtack or pushpin. Drywall, Sheetrock, bulletin boards, etc. are perfect for Magnetacks. 

Harder surfaces such as brick, concrete, and plaster will not work and may damage the Magnetack or wall.

Because hammers are magnetic, do NOT use a hammer to insert your Magnetacks into the wall.


How much "weight" can Magnetacks hold?

In short, each individual Magnetack can hold approximately one pound.
The "weight" a Magnetack can hold is highly dependent on the thickness of the item. Magnets lose their strength the further away they are from their mate. 
  • Magnetacks can hang unframed photos of various sizes.  From A10 all the way up to A0 size.  
  • Magnetacks can hang multiple paper-thin items: a single Magnetack can hold up to 20 sheets of copy paper or newspaper pages, or several sheets of photo paper.
  • Magnetacks can hang standard unframed posters.  For example, a poster of dimensions 24" x 36" can be supported by one Magnetack in each of the top two corners.


What is your Return Policy?

If Magnetacks don't work for your application, we'll send you a return label to ship the Magnetacks back to us. All base tacks and coupling magnets will be counted and your order will be fully refunded within 10 business days.


What is your International shipping policy?

We happily ship to Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, and France. Any applicable import taxes are the responsibility of the customer.  


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